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Barbara And Don Nielson (Steinke)
Bill And Mary Estelle Amberg
Brant Alyea
Brant And Robin Alyea
Camille And Vince Mancuso
Charlie Van Winkle
Cynthia Zimmerman (turncliff)
Dan And Betsy Van Winkle
Dave Goodhart
Dorothy Zak (Murray)
Dorothy And Gene Zak (Murray)
Doug/Janelle Olson
Elsie And Dominick Dominick Palombi (Palombi)
Harry & Quita Schweizer
Ingrid Frentz (wood)
John Ostermann
John Van Der Veer
Joy And Jeff Joy Stern (Kirsch)
Judith Holt (holt)
Kay And Ed Honegger (Van Den Melee)
Lee And Marijo Franklin
Linda And Dave Goodhart
Lynn Meister (Peterson)
Mary And John Van Der Veer
Paul Bultmeyer
Paul Wood
Peggy Clausen (Marter)
Richard Sanford (Sanford)
Richie Fitzgerald
Sallie And Paul Witting
Tom And Lisa Van Der Veer
Vincent Mancuso