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2016 Reunion
FROM SCOTTSDALE, HAPPY FIRST DAY OF FALL, Today it's just under 100 at 98 degrees, 30% humidity. I vaguely remember gorgeous fall colors back east. Mostly we miss them here except for Quaking Aspens....
Last Post: Sep 23rd 2015
Author: amberg
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music from Frank deCarlo
Your music is fantastic. i remember you sitting in front of me in school. Hope life is good to you. Thinking of you Linda Dengel Simpson

Last Post: Jul 11th 2015
Author: Dengel
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Dear Missing Friends
I've missed you guys for 55 years and hope you'll allow me to return and be a part of Rutherford High class of 1958. Tried over and ovcer to re-connect, after we movced away for our senior year. I...
Last Post: Aug 5th 2013
Author: BillAmberg
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Friends We Haven't Seen in a While
On Saturday, June 2nd, Marijo and I had a wonderful visit with Miss Asbury, as she's known in San Francisco (the one and only Carolyn Metzger). Carolyn has just retired from many years as...
Last Post: Jun 14th 2012
Author: franklin
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