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My spouse and I are currently in Thailand exploring the sites and cultures. We attend the  annual international film fes


This is the place to share news, along with photos...
One of the cute things we found in our goody bags

2016 Scottsdale Mini-reunion -- 3/11-13/2016

Mary Estelle and Bill Amberg hosted a mini-reunion (58th year) at Scottsdale AZ.  24 were in attendance at events from Friday, March 11th to Sunday, March 13th.  Here are photos of that spectacular weekend...
24 of the 29 Members of RHS 58 Across the Street from the New Park Tavern     1st row from left: Harry, Paul, Lee, Doug,

55th Reunion Highlights -- 9/20-22/2013

Please upload your favorite photos from our 55th reunion.  We elected to forego the 20th century 'professional' photographer because s/he would have charged several hundred dollars, and would have placed the photos on a web site where we'd each have to pay for every copy of every photo.
Many of us took photos.  Lets build an album of them here...
We visited Monticello and deepened our knowledge and understanding of Thomas Jefferson

Prior Mini-reunions

Several wonderful mini-reunions have been held in the past ten years or so.  The most recent 'mini' was organized by Maggie and Charlie Van Winkle in Charlottesville, VA on 9/21-23/12.  29 attended and all agreed it was fabulous. 

Here are photos from those events.  If you have mini-reunion photos, please submit them. (Maximum 30 photos in this album).

Postcards from our 50th...

This album contains photos from our 50th reunion.  Some are ones you sent for the 50th Reunion Yearbook.  You may upload photos to this or other albums on this page.  Can't wait to see 'em!
Barbara Nielson and Me (Lee Brown)2009

Lee Brown's Archive

Lee has been our unofficial official archivist for several decades. She wants to share the bounty with the rest of us. So we've set up this first (perhaps of several) albums to give Lee the opportunity to do so. Thank you, Lee!

72 is the New 58

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