59 Years -- 2017
59 Years -- 2017


This is the website of Rutherford High School's Class of 1958.

Wherever your username is called for, enter your last name at graduation. Your password is 'bulldog'.  If 'bulldog' doesn't work, use 'bulldogs'.

Here you can quickly get contact info for everyone in the classflip through photo albums, contribute pictures, leave messages, and email friends with one click.


Just click any item in the menu to the left.  That will take you straight to the page you're interested in.

60th Reunion Coming Up!

Read about it on the next 'page' -- click on it over on the left side of this page.


Click on 'MUSIC' below to listen to songs by our own Frank DeCarlo '58 as you browse the site...

Reunion Poll
Where should our 55th reunion be held ?

The Jersey Shore?
Another New Jersey Destination?
A Destination Outside of New Jersey?
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